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Is your "mental battery" depleted? You can turn to your genes for help.

עודכן: 1 בנוב׳ 2020


Your working memory, mental focus, and processing abilities are off,

then your ability to be "a winner" may be off as well. Add to this difficulties caused by stress, trauma or anxiety - and your odds of being successful can approach zero.

According to Joe Cohen - owner of SelfDecode, winners like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk posses a high functioning working memory, superior focus and fast thinking abilities, and the mental resilience to maintain full cognitive function under stress.

Cohen adds: Those who have built financial empires didn't do so by following the advice given in "How To Succeed In Business" books. They succeeded thanks to genetic traits that enabled them to withstand stressful situations while maintaining high cognitive function.

"It all starts with your genes" says Cohen, who had been unemployed, sick and penniless. After failing time and again to get help, he realized that if he doesn't help himself, no one could do it for him.

"When I started to make changes in my lifestyle, my reduced cognitive ability was only a small part the health issues from which I was suffering, and which began to resolve during my healing process."

Thanks to a thorough understanding of his genetic makeup, Cohen has gone a long way to healing himself and today he shares this useful knowledge with more than a million users on his website.

If you too suffer from cognitive problems - know that this is not an inevitable fact of life. Did you know that you can grow new brain cells? Your genetic makeup will determine how well they will function. By acquainting yourself with your genes, you can discover what your brain is really capable of when supplied with the proper nutrition for optimal performance.

Now is the time to regain control of your life and remove the limitations holding back your success.

Click the link below and start making the change

you are hoping for.

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