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Food sensitivity- the missing puzzle piece?

- Brain fog?

- Gut/bowel/digestion issues?

- Skin conditions?

- Anxiety?

- Mood swings?

- Insomnia?

You may not realize it but If you experience one or more of these, the root cause may very well be a food sensitivity or intolerance.

When ignored, food sensitivities can be disastrous to your health

and consequently, your life.

How can you know if food sensitivity is The Cause of your un-wellness?

Unlike food allergies - which cause an acute reaction such as itching/swelling/anaphylaxis - food sensitivity reactions are more subtle and may manifest anywhere from minutes to days or even weeks following exposure to the offending food. This makes it very difficult to pin it down.

Until recently the way to expose food sensitivities was either by performing a lengthy elimination diet or by testing for food sensitivities. (Performed through our clinic).

Today there is another option to help you complete the puzzle. Now you can turn to your genes for help. The scientists at SelfDecode have compiled a recent report with 54 genes which are associated with increased likelihood of developing various food sensitivities.

If you would like to know which foods you should be avoiding and receive more than 20 different personally adapted recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation,

this report can be a game changer for you.

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