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מק"ט: SNADH
259.00 ₪מחיר

30 capsules


Since genetic variants can impact the
G6PDH pathway and subsequent
production of NADH, NADH
supplementation may be in order.
NADH is needed for glutathione recycling,
as well as the conversion of BH2 to BH4.
This is why a report by Harvard Medical
calls NADH an anti-aging nutrient.

For the first time it is possible to stabilize NADH in

a form that can be combined with other biologically
active compounds (vitamins, trace elements,
nutraceuticals), with NADH still being stable. While
stabilized NADH has to be packed as a gastric acid
resistant tablet or capsule. NADH MicroTM is
stabilized and gastric acid resistant. Thererore,
NADH MicroTM capsules, for the first time, can
synergistically activate micronutrients in various
application forms(capsules, powders) for high
potency complex compounds.
NADH MicroTM can be helpful when an individual
has the DHFR variant, glutathione variant, or when
peroxynitrite is high.

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