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CBS/ BHMT Assist

CBS/ BHMT Assist

מק"ט: SCBA
108.00 ₪מחיר

60 capsules

The BHMT variant inhibits the
conversion of homocysteine into
methionine through what is called the
middle pathway. The CBS variant is an
upregulation, potentially causing
homocysteine to rush down the
transsulfura-tion pathway at up to 10
times faster.
Even without the BHMT variant,
supporting the BHMT pathway to make
it more efficient is useful when
someone has the CBS variant.
Supporting digestion is always helpful
as well with BHMT. This is why we
made a combination product for BHMT
and CBS. It can be used if the individual
has both or either one. This product
will also be helpful for those with
PEMT, as it provides choline.

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