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Histamine Scavanger

Histamine Scavanger

267.00 ₪מחיר

MC Balancer (Re-Dox) is a formulation with powerful, comprehensive nutrients used for mast cell support, thereby lessening inflammation as well as protection for our body’s most vulnerable location of oxidative stress, the glomerulus of kidneys. Stabilization of mast cells, which are known as the “Masters of Inflammation” is supported by the powerful bioflavonoids quercetin, rutin and luteolin as well as L-theanine, the major amino acid found in green tea. This formulation also contains the clinical studied and branded anti-inflammatory herbs curcumin (Longvida®) and boswellia (Wokvel®), as well as danshen (Red Sage) which adds supports the vascular system The most potent source of DAO, an enzyme that degrades histamine, resides in the kidneys. Therefore, this formulation can be used in combination with APB1 Assist (HISTA/GUT) & Histamine Scavenger to provide protection from “redox” stress to renal system, which may be under the most oxidative stress in states of inflammation.

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