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Migraines/headaches /cluster(and other) headaches

Do you suffer from migraine headaches?

  • Have you tried unsuccessfully to eliminate them, wandering in desperation through a variety of treatment modalities, from conventional medicine to healers and everything in between?

If you do get migraines, you are not alone. According to the World Health Organization:

"One half to three quarters of adults aged 18–65 have had headaches in the last year. 30% or more of them have reported migraines. Headaches during 15 or more days every month affect 1.7–4.0% of the world's adult population".

I myself was one of them. For decades I have had to live with headaches. It’s not a great way to spend your life. I would not wish this on any of my loved ones; in fact - not even on my enemies (hmmm….

But in my case there is a happy ending.

I have been able to achieve a stable, significant decrease in both the frequency and severity of my migraine attacks by a combination of methods:

It took years to find and learn how to use all of these tools; years that might have been so different had I possessed, from the beginning, the knowledge I now have. I could have been spared so much suffering. Knowing the source of a problem is half the battle. Today there is a powerful new diagnostic tool; looking directly at my genes.

Had the DNA testing available today been accessible years ago when I started looking for answers , I could have received a detailed analysis of my unique genetic makeup and a list of personalized recommendations back than. Could this have taken me one step closer to complete health and well-being? No doubt.


Little did I know but that test would change my life. I began a long fascinating journey of self-discovery through genetics and functional medicine methods. I left my career as an architect and gradually became a full time health consultant.

In my quest to help myself and others reach optimal health, I combine self-study and formal courses, and enlist an expanding circle of experts with whom I consult. They guide me along the path of continuous discovery. They help me navigate the vast ocean of available knowledge and research, and aid me in the application of this knowledge.They are invaluable.

Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Metabolomics, etc.

Scientific research in these fields is changing at a breathtaking pace with a relentlessly growing body of new research. There is a an endless amount of data and research that already exists in these fields, but it seems the best is yet to come.

I firmly believe that in the not-too-distant future, this approach will take root at the base of medical practice, changing it beyond recognition. I may not live to reap the benefits of this transformation, but certainly my children will enjoy a new era in which ‘one size fits all’ medicine focused on disease will be replaced by personalized medicine tailored to each individual and based on knowledge of their personal biology, obtained by genetic and other testing from the Functional Medicine toolbox.

If we can bring about this transformation, it will mean that nutrigenomics-based medical practice will no longer be relegated to the domain of ‘alternative’ medicine, but take its proper place in the arsenal of the mainstream medical doctor. As the handful of physicians practicing this type of medicine today continues to grow, this will become the new gold standard for healthcare.

Until then, we are left to fend for ourselves. This is why websites such as are so important.


SelfDecode is a multifaceted web site which provides DNA testing, analyzes the data obtained, and parses out the results in a format which is intelligible and actionable for the average person.

SelfDecode offers a wealth of personalized health reports to help take the guesswork out of addressing

your health concerns.

The reports you receive from SelfDecode are based on your unique DNA.

They offer solutions designed specifically for you.

With Lifetime Access to SelfDecode you will be able to receive all currently available and future wellness reports.

The Headache Report is a recent addition

Below is an excerpt from my personal SelfDecode headache report. I have some of the 18 gene variants that the SelfDecode team of scientists found to occur within the genotype (an individual's collection of genes) of people who suffer from various kinds of headaches. According to research findings, this indicates that I am more likely to suffer from headaches than those who do not have these variants.

Apparently I carry the following variants:

Note the comments in the Associations column. My headaches are no surprise.

Here is my report summary:

What are the practical applications of knowing the connection between my genetics and my headaches?

SelfDecode not only lists the genes that may be contributing to a certain problem, but also provides potential solutions and references the supporting research.

These are the recommendations I received:

I want to do for you what my dear friend Rosemary did for me.

When she introduced me to Nutrigenomics and Self Hacking, she changed my life.

I invite you to change yours.

By clicking on any of the linked images above you can step into a new world of health improving possibilities.





Some of the material which I send contains sponsored links; i.e., I may receive a commission resulting from your purchase, although your cost is the same as if you ordered any products independently. This does make it financially possible for me to dedicate the considerable time I need to collect and filter all of the information to which I am exposed.

Nonetheless, I am acutely and thoughtfully- even anxiously- aware of my responsibility and commitment in refusing to allow this potential conflict of interest to interfere with my judgment, while painstakingly selecting the material deemed to be appropriate for inclusion.

Thank you for your support.

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